A Patented System that improves the engine combustion process  – virtually eliminating Nitrogen Oxide and Smoke Pollution, at the same time increasing MPG, so reducing CO2 output per mile

A Solution to Pollution

In the perfect combustion engine, the air flow and fuel flow would be balanced to produce a constant optimum burn.

The air we breathe, although effective for running a combustion engine, results in only a partial burn of the fuel, leaving unburnt particles (Smoke) and Nitrogen Oxide gasses as emissions.

The composition of the air  needs to be correct for the optimum fuel burn to take place.

Using smart technology to manage the combustion process, the Ecomotus System precisely optimises  the air provided to the engine, calculating and continuously adjusting composition to what the vehicle needs, when it needs it, supplying the correct mix to maintain the engine’s optimum fuel burn.

This converts all the fuel into energy and mops up unused Oxygen atoms, virtually eliminating harmful Nitrogen Oxides and Sulphur Oxides  from being produced. 

With no carbon being deposited in your engine or out the exhaust overall reliability and wear will improve, so improving performance.

liquids don't burn

Liquids don’t burn, the atoms need to break free before they can oxidise, generating heat


Combustion involves several steps before the process is complete, this requires energy

Air's a mixture

Air's a mixture containing 21% oxygen but just 0.04% CO2, but it wasn't always the case


Pyrolysis is a chemical reaction. It is the breaking of large molecules into small pieces

The physics

The physics of combustion mean that heat is hard to keep causing partial burning

Ask any chef

Ask any chef, the correct amount of ingredients is key to producing the intended result

The second principle

The second principle of combustion is that too much Oxygen will produce very nasty results


What the industry has done so far? Nothing it has done makes the engine work more efficiently

Ecomotus Pro

How the Ecomotus Pro addresses both the 1st & 2nd principles of combustion

burn efficiency

Why improving the burn efficiency means you can reduce the amount of fuel used & CO2 emissions


The principles behind the Ecomotus Pro can be used with Any Combustion Process & at any scale


The effects of the poisonous gasses and small particles in the atmosphere are very significant