So by providing additional Hydrogen molecules to the process we are raising the energy provided to the largest possible part of a fuel’s heat of combustion into the material being processed, in other words we are oxidising all the hydrocarbons present, which fulfills the first principleĀ of combustion.

We are also addressing the second principle of combustion management, which is not to use too much oxygen. Because two Oxygen atoms are required for each hydrogen atom we introduce, we automatically moderate the oxygen volumes.

Unmanaged H,H,O methods which are used to create high temperature steam in engine cleaning processes do not address eitherĀ  principle of combustion because adding extra Oxygen will cause the engine to add extra fuel and increases combustion temperatures, which in turn increases the production of NOx in the presence of the extra oxygen.

The Ecomotus Pro system is computer controlled, measuring the mass flow and other characteristics of the engine, optimising and controlling the burn in a precise manner. Not only does this closely control the burn so reducing the emissions to close to zero, it also controls the torque which is important for larger vehicles with torque controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic gear boxes.